Can I be anonymous?

No. You can not be anonymous to us. But all information about you and your treatment is between us. We recommend you to tell your parent(s) that you participate in your project, but it is not mandatory. Neither do you don't need parental consent be able to participate. 


What questions will you ask?

When you sign we will ask you quite a lot about you (questionnaires and phone interview). We use your answers to assess whether our treatment is suitable for you. Your information will also be used for research purposes. We also need you to provide us with your full name, age, address, telephone number and identity number. If we can offer you treatment, you will receive questions during and after the treatment. Your answers are important to help us evaluate the treatment, and to make it better for young people.

Remember, all of your information will be protected by us.



Whats included in the phone interview?

We will contact you to make a shorter telephone interview (about 30 min). We ask you many questions about your mood lately. Good to know is that we ask the same questions to everyone and that we are familiar with all kinds of experiences. You answer yes or no, and sometimes we will  ask you to describe in more detail. 

We will call you to set up a time and day for your interview.


What happens to my information?

We will present how the treatment worked for other researchers but we do not tell whom have participated. We describe participants age, mood and so on but no sensitive information that can reveal identity. In the treatment you will chat with your psychologist. Chat texts may be used in research – if so we delete everything in the conversation that can be linked to a person.


What can I tell the psychologist?

When you register you will need to answer everything to be able to participate. In treatment we hope you feel comfortable to be honest with your therapist about your situation and how you feel. It will help your therapist to help you.


Can I change my mind?

Yes. You have the right to cancel at any time without having to tell us why.


Will the treatment help me?

We know that CBT helps many who are sad and worried to feel better. We do not know any special risks with CBT. But we also know that everyone is not helped. We can not guarantee that you will get better.

One thing that matters is your level of commitment to the treatment. If you really want to try and feel that you have time for the treatment, we encourage you to take the opportunity to get help.


FYI: In case of emergency

If your mood deteriorates to the degree that we are concered that there is danger to your life, or we become aware of others doing illegal things against you, then the law states that we will have to contact your guardians. In case of this event, we will contact you as well to inform you about this.