Terms and conditions

The texts below describe regulations for research and how your information is protected by law.


This project is approved by the Ethics Review Board in Östergötland, Sweden. Your participation is voluntary and you can withdraw your participation at any time. 

No third party will know that you have taken part in the study or will be able to see how you responded. Your answers will not reveal any personal information. We will present the results of the study but nothing can be linked to you as a person. As a participant you have the right to a summary of the study results. If you have any questions before or after registration, please feel free to contact us, see the heading "Contact".



All your information is protected in our encrypted treatment platform, which requires login. For example, you fill in questionnaires and chat with your therapist here. We will send reminders to your email or phone (containing no sensitive information). You log into the treatment platform with a personal code and a password you choose yourself. We use two-step verification and you will log in to our platform with the help of one-time codes sent by SMS.



We collect information about you in our surveys. All your answers have privacy (are protected). No third party will know that you participated or will be able to see what you answered. You have the right, under Section 26 of the Personal Data Act (1998: 204), to get information on what data we have collected from you. You are also entitled to request that we correct information about you which you consider incorrect. The principal investigator for this project is Professor Gerhard Andersson at Linköping University. To contact us about your information, see the heading "Contact".


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